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"Connecting People To Players & networks" Play the sports you always wanted. Grab the chance create a whole new you.
Find New & Regular Opponents
Make new friends to stay interested and challenged with your favourite sports.
Find Teams To Join
You can find a great team to join and play any of the sports you love at Sportsfixer.
Arrange Matches with other teams
It is easy to organise a convenient time for your team, all at the touch of a button.
Looking For Competition?
Then this is the right app for you, download and find your next match
Tennis - Challenge Other Players
There are multiple ability levels so you can find a game against someone that is a test. If to doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you!
Water Sports
Looking to create a group and get involved in water sports, well now you can - Join Sportsfixer Now!
Create A Running Group
Create a running group. Join people who love the sports you do. Find people at all ability levels to suit you.
Inspire Each Other
Finding someone to go to a fitness class with is half the battle. Sportsfixer will connect you to others in the same situation as you.
Need A Few Players For Your Team?
Easily find new players to complete your squad who are local
Find Something New
Play the sports you always wanted. Grab the chance create a whole new you.
Reach New Heights
Find something new you have always wanted to try. With over 100+ sports you will find something to make you excited.
Make new friends
It is a great way to stay motivated. Schedule suitable times to workout together.
Find A Cycling Group & Download our app
Connect with like minded people who want to get healthy and get active.
Gym Buddies
Exercising at the gym is always better with a friend. Meet buddies at you local gym and help each other complete your workouts together.
Find A Workout Buddy
Continue to motivate each other. Help each other progress and reach your fitness goals.
Explore New Adventures & Don't Ride Alone
Create cycling groups with other enthusiasts and push each other to be better.

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How It Works

Once signed up, create your profile and you can begin finding other sports enthusiasts. Start by inviting friends from your contact list or from other social networks. Are you looking for an opponent to play a singles match? Someone to join you in doubles? Or simply someone to buddy up with to go for a run at the gym? Post on the message board and wait for others to show an interest. You will receive notifications and can accept the challenge. Scroll through the message board posts yourself and show interest when you see a challenge you want to engage with.

Get active, compete and have fun!

Message Board Posts

Create post to; join a team, join a double, play a match or join a group etc

Show Interest In A Post

Show your interest in playing a game or joining a group via the post

Await Approval

Wait for the poster to accept your request

Arrange A Game

Complete the handy game invite feature and organise the game details 

Chat To Your Opponent

Talk to your opponent, team, buddy group and decide on the next match

Submit Scores

enter the final scores and let everybody know how you are doing


Design and customise your own profile page and settings


Upload photos from your phone to your gallery


Keep track of your followers and who you are following

Phone Contacts

See which friends are already a member of Sportsfixer and easily send a SMS to others via your phone contacts.


Get alerts of all messages, games invites and requests


Select which sports you play, choose from 100+


Report and block any members you want to with ease


Join you local venue and become of their network



Our Goal

At Sportsfixer our desire is to bring sports and fitness to everyone at any level. The best way to do this is to make different sports accessible to everyone and to find others with likeminded ideas to arrange games with each other with similar abilities. Our app is an excellent way to meet others and play the sports you love.


Find Sports Partners

Sportsfixer has many options for users. You can create your own team, double or buddies group or you can join existing members groups. You will be able to find local people to challenge and easily arrange games and workouts with


Social Interaction

The sportsfixer app give you the opportunity to get social with other members. You can find friends and challenge them. Share your photos, videos and posts with your followers and teammates.


Performance and history

Keep track of all your scores and workouts with a complete games history. You can see exactly how much your have progressed and achieved. You can share all your success with all your followers on other social media outlets and keep them up to date with what your are doing


Chat Groups

Every game/group you arrange and play will have a chat room where you can talk to your teammates, doubles partner. Create chat room banter with you opponents to get motivated for the match. Or get a beneficial affinity with others in your buddies group.


Venue community

Be part of your local venue’s community. Start to interact with other members that you would usually walk right past and broaden your engagement. Have more variety with opponents and test your ability.

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What Our Customers say

I was very nervous about getting back in to the gym. I built a group on Sportsfixer and we have 5 ladies, we now go regularly. Its so much more fun with others.

Lizzie Thompson

I had been looking for netball team to join for ages and using the Sportsfixer app made it easy for me to join my local team. I have also made lots of new friends.

Emma Velasquez



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