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3 Ideal sports for couples and dates this Christmas

Be it a first date, or one with your long-term partner, steering away from the date-night staples can be a nice welcoming change. With the Christmas holiday season now upon us, the opportunity is there for you to enjoy romantic nights out. However, in this traditional time of indulgence and excess, your health and fitness can easily fall by the wayside. Why not then combine your dates with your exercise? After all, the strains of physical activity can be lightened by the motivations of a partner. Also, the shared, glowing pride of having pushed yourselves to the max, will forge a special bond between you. Even if you fancy something less physically taxing, the edge of competition can be an acid test of your compatibility. Working together can also help get the conversation and laughter flowing. Below are three sports we think, each in their own way, can make for a great date for couples new and old alike this Christmas.

1. Running

There’s none so lonely as the long-distance runner, or so they say. So, we think running is the ideal sport for two; be it a gentle jog or a long-distance slog. It also provides the opportunity for the pair of you to soak up some the crisp beauty of nature in winter. You’ll also feel a lot less guilty about that Christmas dinner with the extra miles under your trainers. Speaking of feelings, running causes the body to release chemical endorphins into your system, which can trigger a positive mood. This can only lead to a good date, as you’ll be relaxed, chatty and happy together as you go. Running – at anything less than a sprint – means you’ll also be able to engage in conversation together. But you can always throw down the gauntlet and challenge your date to a good old-fashioned race!

2. Tennis

A rom-com favourite, tennis is a couple’s classic. Like running, it will provide you both with that hit of adrenaline that comes subsequently with any form of exercise. Meaning that, together, you will be able to bask afterwards in the glow of glorious exhaustion. Playing doubles also makes tennis a prime arena for double dates or introducing your partner to your friends. It may seem that tennis isn’t really an option at Christmas though. However, there are now many indoor facilities nationwide, at gyms and leisure centres. With rackets now accessible and affordable to almost everyone, tennis can suit couples with no experience to regular players. There really is no excuse then to not be serving up some ace tennis-playing dates this Christmas.

3. Pool

Is it a game, or is it a sport? The debate rages on. In any case, an evening around a pool table can prove a great time for two. It’s also much easier to tie into a more traditional date experience. Making it perfect for those who fancy an activity less lung-busting than the aforementioned. The pub is of course a date classic. Also, what could be more perfect than a cosy evening in a friendly, warm pub on a chilly Christmas evening? Many good, atmospheric pubs house a perfectly serviceable pool table. It is the perfect game to dip in and out of between conversations and drinks. Wonderfully, pool in the pub, like drinks and conversation, can be played long into the night.

All of these sports can offer a different kind of dating experience this Christmas. They will all, also, hopefully result in a wonderful time being had by both of you and allow you to connect, converse and compete.

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