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4 Fantastic reasons to try a new sport

Are you an incredible athlete with a tried and tested routine? Or resigned to your New Year’s resolution, and raring to go? Any decent personal trainer will tell you their top titbit: that the way to wonderous weight loss is to find a sport to become your new fat-busting favourite. There are many pathways that lead to the smart choice to try a new sport; but exactly what are the benefits? What’s going to be the best burn for your body? To help, we present four fantastic reasons to try a new sport.

1. Cardio Crazy

Cardio, it’s the workout version of marmite, you’ll either love it or hate it. Technically, any exercise that has you moving your muscles is classified as cardio. It escalates your heart rate and gets your blood pumping. Short for cardiovascular exercise, this calorie crunching choice is great if you’re beginner.  Best thing is, it can be operated at any intensity!

Cardio has benefits outside of just weight loss. It also relieves tight muscles, reduces stress, and builds the density of your bones. It’s also great for helping your muscles guzzle glucose, which curtails your chance of type 2 Diabetes.

Best bit? You’ll be able to beat your mates in a race to the bar. And, let’s be honest, the bar race is a special kind of sport.

2. Mood Merits

Sport is a recommended mental-health mainline. People who suffer chronic conditions and reduced mobility are more likely to experience unwanted emotions. This study shows that even if you engage in day-to-day duties such as housework or walking to work, you’re more likely to experience upswings in your mood.

Aerobic exercise increases blood circulation to your brain, which in turn stimulates your hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (try saying that ten times), that then helps the communication between them and the bits in your brain that control mood, memory, fear and stress – helping and reducing them accordingly. Sport and exercise also encourage your endorphins, which act as analgesics and prevent pain. Preach!

3. Marvellous Metabolism

Metabolic rate is the rate at which energy is released into the body. The higher you get your metabolic rate, the faster you’ll burn fat. We all know that one person who eats a tonne of chocolate yet never puts on a pound? Science shows they’ve probably got a higher BMR; but if you need a BMR boost there is hope. The more you settle into your new sport, the speedier you’ll get your BMR. Selecting a sport to fall in love with is key. Your passion and enjoyment will push you on.

Sport has other metabolic assets, which include being a digestion aid and an energy increase. It’ll also work wonders for your stamina. Feel that burn!

4. There’s no I in Team

Our final fantastic reason to pick a new sport this season is team spirit. Pick a sport that features a team, and you’ll reap the rewards of being a team player.

It’s been proven that when you choose a team sport, you develop a number of social skills that will allow you to achieve the incredible. Teamwork increases your ability to take feedback, an essential trait for your self-development. It also increases focus, concentration, and coordination.

Recently, scientists discovered the Mirror Neuron. These parts of the brain produce electrical impulses that help you to anticipate and understand your team-mates. Developing this sense of empathy and understanding is something that’ll be beneficial in other areas of your life.

Isn’t the body brilliant?

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