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5 Christmas gift ideas for sports fanatics

So, it has come to that time of year when you have to think about what to buy that sports mad person in your life. It can be tricky to know where to begin. Often it can appear that this person already has everything they could need relating to the sports they’re passionate about. However, not to fear, for we’re here with some sporty suggestions that might just inspire you to gift giving glory this Christmas.

1. Sports channel subscription

Every sports fan loves the chance to spectate from the sofa and tell the pros where they’re going wrong. Unfortunately, subscription packages to sports TV services have become prohibitively expensive for many. Numerous sports fans feel that they cannot justify these monthly bills against other costs. Whilst you should bear in mind that, by its nature, this is a gift you’ll be paying for year-round, it may be worth considering when factoring in the joy it may bring to the sports fanatic in your life.

2. Match/event tickets

Perhaps the idea of paying for a gift the whole year through isn’t for you. Or the person you’re buying for already has a sports TV service. Fear not. With a one-off payment, you can take them closer to the action than any TV camera will get them. Tickets for major sporting events are often expensive. However, there is no contract involved and it’s an experience you would be able to share. Before purchasing any tickets though, do your research, as some online ticket retailers sell at extortionate mark ups that can often be avoided.

3. A sporting experience

There are countless sports related experience offers out there, so you’re sure to find something suitable for the person you’re buying for. Many professional football teams, including some in the Premier League, offer stadium tours. Or for the petrolheads out there, a multitude of driving experiences are available across the UK. In some way, almost every sport is catered for by the experiences market, meaning you’ll be able to find something perfect to give your loved one a taste of the sporting action for themselves.

4. Some sporting safety gear

Many sports and fitness enthusiasts have become increasingly safety conscious in recent years. If you’re buying for a keen runner, then reflective gear is always a must have. Likewise, for cyclists, who may also appreciate a small, bike-mountable camera. Not only are these cameras great for the user to analyse their own performance, or make funny YouTube videos of drivers getting angry, they’re also incredibly useful for insurance and safety purposes.

5. A piece of sporting history

Many sports fans dwell in the past. Back when their team was better, matchday tickets were cheaper, and the sports stars less pampered. For many, sports fandom is a vehicle for maintaining their inner child and a vessel for eternal optimism. A trawl through eBay could well bring you to a gift that will transport your loved one back to the good old days. Anything from an old jersey, programme, or signed postcard could be junk to some, but to that specific special someone, a personal and thoughtful gift.

We hope this list has inspired you towards a gift idea that’s sure to bring cheers from your loved ones.

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