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5 Healthy Christmas Snack Ideas

Christmas is a time when everything is in excess. From the buying of gifts, to the decorating and partying and, perhaps most importantly, the food. When it comes to food, the epicentre of the day is very much the Christmas dinner – with some, or lots, of festive snacking either side of it, naturally. The majority of us take it as a given that most of the food consumed on Christmas day will be unhealthy. But it doesn’t actually need to be so. To help, we’ve put together some snacking recipe ideas that are delicious, festive and, best of all, good for you.

1. Chestnuts in Cointreau & Orange Syrup

Even as you read this recipe it’s hard to stop your mouth from watering at the very thought of it. Chestnuts alone are festive, but when combined with Cointreau and orange, it’s like Christmas in a bowl. An aromatic and sweet-smelling delight, pour your chestnuts and syrup mix over some ice-cream for a seasonal, mouth-watering, inviting palette cleanser. Get the full recipe here.

2. Sesame-soy Nut and Pretzel Mix

It’s that time of the year, yes, that’s right – Christmas movie time. Those slightly typical, but still heart wrenchingly warming build-me-ups where everything is sorted just in time for Christmas. Phew. While watching these jolly movies try, as your snack of choice, sesame-soy nut and pretzel mix. This healthy mix recipe contains the likes of whole-grain popcorn, spicy wasabi peas, and whole-wheat cereal. Meaning you can indulge, and indulge some more, without the worry. Get the full recipe here.

3. Pesto Pastries

Who doesn’t love tiny pastries you can eat in one mouthful? These small bites are tasty appetizers that are sure to delight your friends and family you’re entertaining over Christmas. What’s particularly great about these is that the filling isn’t classic pesto, but homemade, so oil isn’t included, making them a whole lot healthier without compromising on that all-important taste. Get the full recipe here.

4. Crudité Vegetable Wreath and Ranch Dip

What’s better than while you wait for that oh-so important Christmas dinner you indulge in some finger food that won’t fill you up or spoil the later festive masterpiece? This particular recipe mixes raw vegetables with a homemade ranch dip, beautifully positioned into a decorate festive wreath – making this recipe one that is not only delectable but visually jolly and inviting too. A recipe that all-in-all takes a few minutes to conjure up, and even better, replaces sour cream dip with non-fat Greek Yogurt – so you can feast away, safe in the knowledge that what you’re nibbling on really is good for you. Not to mention scrumptious. Get the full recipe here.

5. Naan, Spinach & Halloumi Bites

These bites are a perfect vegetarian canapé option, that are also extremely quick and simple to make. Warming in every sense of the word; wilt your spinach with garlic and spices before piling onto warm naan bread that is topped off with halloumi. A guaranteed all-round winner, that is also surprising low in calories, want the full recipe? You can get it here.

Sure, healthy snacking during the holiday period is hard – we’ve all been there. But just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean that you can’t snack healthily, by trying just a couple of these you’ll already be snacking smarter this Christmas.

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