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6 Ways to a fitter you this New Year

The New Year is almost upon us, and with new beginnings come resolutions. While making your list for the New Year why not dedicate one to a newer, fitter you? Granted, this is a common choice, shared jointly by the majority of resolution-makers. But what is also typically the case is that most of these fitness goals won’t see it past January – if you’re lucky.

When forming your fitness plans for the New Year, settling on ‘joining the gym’ is setting yourself up for failure. There are ways to reach a healthier you in smaller, more achievable, bite-size chunks. We’ve put together a few ideas to help you get onto and, most importantly, stay on the road to a fitter you. When constructing your goals, it is important to not be vague. Unclear aims often lead to people getting down about them, as they’re less likely to commit/achieve them. By setting clear goals, you help yourself get from point A to B in a more attainable way.

1. Don’t write an essay

Sure, we all have quite a few plans hidden up our sleeves that we’re now waiting till the New Year to reveal. However, it’s important not to force too much onto yourself too early on, and by trying to commit to a lengthy resolution list you’re forcing too much onto yourself. Subsequently, you’ll be less likely to reach them as you’re overwhelmed and your motivation is not focused.

2. Create a workout plan

Creating a schedule and workout plan is extremely helpful at helping you achieve your fitness goals. Arguably time management is a must in order to achieve any goal, so why would it be different when it comes to fitness? Decide when and what time is best for you to work out, around your busy schedule, make it work for you. Getting up at 6am and working out may work for some people, but that doesn’t mean it will work for you.

3. Eat well, most of the time

It’s ok to have a cheat day. Don’t reprimand yourself if you don’t exercise or watch what you eat every single day. And especially don’t think that you’ve ruined your New Year’s resolution already by not doing so; make it a part of it. Allow for a cheat day, just as long as you eat well and keep fit for the majority of the time. So, go ahead and treat yourself, you deserve it.

4. When you work out, do high intensity workouts

Committing to a long, enduring workout every time is hard even for those exercising addicts out there, let alone when you’re starting out. There’s a strong likelihood that if you force yourself to commit to a sweaty, long workout for an hour or more from the get go, you’ll end up giving up – a whole lot sooner.

Instead, when you exercise, do high intensity workouts that are quick but mean you burn a lot at a time. Committing to shorter workouts is more achievable for even the busiest schedule! That being said, another helpful tip is to keep things interesting. The more exciting your workout is the more it will keep you hooked. Venture into the world of yoga, kettle-bells, climbing, whatever takes your interest.

5. Try to avoid the scales

Don’t judge your progress by numbers, there is so much more to a story than what you can read from your scales. It is also a very easy way to, if you don’t see the immediate progress you were hoping for, get disheartened and give up. If you’re eating healthily, exercising and you feel good within yourself, then there is no reason to put a number against it.

6. Expect to slip up

Even the best laid plans can fail the later it gets into the New Year. So, don’t beat yourself up about it and, most importantly, don’t completely give up as a result! If you expect that it will happen, when the momentum does begin to wane, which it may very well do, relax and work through it. If you’re working out less a week, just make sure that you are still doing it. Ride the wave, as they say.

Becoming a healthier version of you is a whole lot easier than you think. By following these above tips, you’ll be well on your way to a fitter you and year. Which just leaves one more thing to say, Happy New Year!

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