Work-life balance

How to achieve that work-life balance

A happy life is a balanced one. The perfect work-life balance is important, yet achieving this ideal blend of career with a fit and healthy lifestyle is trickier than it first appears. We often invest so much time in the former that the latter is placed on a backburner. The arrival of January causes us to reflect on this, not to mention encourages us to make the scales more even. But how do you go about doing so? To help, we’ve put together some top tips to ensure that you reach this happy equilibrium.

1. Figure out timings

The first step is to track how you are currently spending your time. For instance, how much of your week is spent at work? How much working out? And, how much socialising? Etc., etc. By working out how much of your time is spent conducting certain tasks you’ll soon see how unbalanced you really are.

2. Discover your goals

The process of chopping up and figuring out your timings of a typical week helps you understand how much of your time you’re dedicating to certain areas. And this is how you discover your goals. What areas do you want to improve? It can help by prioritising your goals into short and long-term. And once you have these, you’ll need to figure out what areas can be cut down in order to make room for your plans.

3. Work less, live more

Granted, careers are an important part of our life, but they are not the only part, so, shouldn’t take over as such. More often than not, it is because we work a lot that we are unable to see family, or go to the gym etc. But by taking simple steps, such as stepping away from our emails, or not working late every night and leaving work at work, you’ll have time to focus a lot more on your life.

4. Commit to a healthier you

By reducing the amount of time dedicated to working, we unsurprisingly have more time opening up. Naturally, a good place to start would be to plan when you can work out and, here’s the kicker, stick to it. Exercising has so many benefits, from making us feel like we are achieving to a better outlook and mindset. Your health should be of high priority in your work-life balance, so combine working out with healthy eating and getting enough sleep – and welcome a healthier lifestyle all round.

While it may appear hard to fit this all in, you can always find time to spend on getting fitter, healthier and having more sleep – it just might require some reshuffling first. But, if you manage it, you’ll be helping to relieve stress and increase your energy levels – making you a more-rounded, more-productive person.

5. Take some time for you

While it is important to spend time with friends and family, it is equally important to spend time on yourself (you do you). Do whatever you enjoy in this time, whether it focuses on self-improvement, a hobby, or simply going to the movies. Turn off any electrical devices so to avoid temptation, treat yourself and enjoy your moment.

A perfect work-life balance is important for success. All too often our careers take up too much of our time, meaning other areas suffer; by taking steps to leave work at work, have days where you leave earlier etc., you’ll make time for other equally important aspects of your life. After all, isn’t it time you did so?

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