Paleo Diet

Does a Paleo Diet Benefit your Health?

On the Paleo diet, you eat the same types of food eaten by early humans, your ancestors. There is just one rule if you follow this diet; if a caveman didn’t eat it, neither should you. It consists primarily of lean meats, fish, fruits, vegetables and nuts, and you can refer to it by many names: the caveman diet, Stone Age diet and even the hunter-gatherer diet. The reason behind this diet is that there is an apparent mismatch between your modern body and the modern diet you currently consume. As a result, you should resort back to the one our ancestors had. Despite the apparent benefits of you following this lifestyle, it doesn’t come without its criticisms.

The Benefits

There are arguably many benefits with opting with this kind of diet; and it’s clear to see why, it does include the basics of a healthy regime: vegetables, fruits and nuts. There are plenty of reasons for you to give this lifestyle a go, including the following health benefits…

Avoid Processed Foods

One of the most important benefits of the Paleo diet is that you eat non-processed, real and fresh foods. Sure, you’ve heard all about the negative side effects of processed food. By avoiding them you’ll also avoid these effects. One of the main goals of your processed food is to lengthen the life; and as a result it is full of additives and preservatives. This can be harmful to your body. By avoiding processed food, you’re also avoiding a lot of chemicals that have come about into food in the last century.

More Energy

Following your Paleo diet means you’ll be have a balanced meal of protein, carbs and vegetables. Balancing your meal will help impact your energy levels, without the need to rely on any caffeinated products or energy drinks. Your Paleo diet will also allow you to eat when you’re hungry, and eat till you are full so you won’t worry about running low on fuel. What’s more, on your Paleo diet you avoid refined sugar. This means that your blood glucose levels are less likely to spike, giving them more of a balance. This will ultimately mean that you will avoid feeling fatigued, a common consequence of your sugar levels crashing after a spike.

The Flaws

Despite the apparent health benefits, a Paleo diet isn’t without its flaws. For instance, it doesn’t include certain types of foods, such as whole grains or dairy products, which are said to be good sources of fibre and calcium. It is also quite expensive, but this is no surprise, especially with all of the fresh food you have to buy to accommodate this diet. There are also arguments against the claim that a modern diet is mismatched with our modern bodies, as there are arguably notable changes within evolution which does also include dietary changes.

While the Paleo diet may have health benefits, there are, as it stands, no long-term studies for the potential risks associated with the diet. So, when answering the question of whether a Paleo diet benefits your health; there is important proof to prove that it does, although it appears the same could very well be achieved through regular exercise and adopting a more modern balanced diet.

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