Why being part of a team can lead to a whole new you

It’s no secret that maintaining an effective and balanced fitness regime is key to remaining active and in good shape. There are many ways of doing this. The gyms are heaving, and joggers and cyclists streak by on the streets every day. However, by being part of a sports team, you’ll find there’s much more to gain than simply keeping fit. Beyond growing muscles, it is an experience that can help you grow as a person. To inspire you to get out there and become part of a sports team; we’ve compiled a list of reasons why being part of a team can lead to a whole new you.

Health and fitness

Perhaps the most obvious benefit, and admittedly not exclusive to team sports, but the fitness aspect cannot be ignored. Being part of a team, especially one lead by a coach, means that you’ll always get a balanced workout that is managed safely and effectively. The input of these expertise means that your exercise will be efficient and you’re less likely to suffer injuries. Not only that, you can expect training sessions to be kept fun and fresh with new drills and competitive elements. Plus, when the going gets tough, having your teammates around can really spur you on to keep going.

New relationships

Speaking of having your teammates around you, the relationships you develop with them will really form the heart of your sports team experience. People of all backgrounds, careers, and personality types can become part of the same team, and be united singularly by a shared love of the game. These are the people going on the same journey as you, and you all help one another along the way. The despair of defeat will be divided, and the triumphs of victory shared by all. A sports team can be a place to make lasting bonds of friendship.

Personal development

The socialising that comes with being part of a sports team is an excellent opportunity to grow your confidence. Your communication skills will also be tested, and there are lessons about responsibility to be learned when put in positions with your teammates relying on you. The social skills and personal growth you can achieve as part of a sports team will have a positive impact in many areas of your life. After a good experience as part of team many find that they emerge with new leadership qualities, and an even greater appreciation of the benefits of hard work.


Sports can be a great outlet for the stresses and tensions of everyday life. When we exercise, our body releases chemicals such as endorphins, which create a sense of euphoria. This means that when we exercise we have fun. This joy is only increased by being surrounded by your teammates all experiencing the same sensation. Competition too is also enjoyable as there is a real thrill that comes with pitting yourselves against opponents. Winning of course is the cherry on top.

As part of a sports team, if nothing else, you’re sure to have a great laugh, make memories and, most importantly, keep fit!

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