Keeping fit in winter

How to stay fit over the winter period

As the nights draw in ever earlier, and the mornings are cut with crisp coldness, it can be easy and tempting to let that workout regime fall by the wayside over the course of winter. However, with the indulges of Christmas on the horizon, it’s probably wise to dispel the urges and temptations of going exercise free. That being said, the wintry weather can make your workout tricky. Icy pavements and the biting chill can also lead to you being done more harm than good. There are ways to remain active during winter though, and even seasonal opportunities to spice up your fitness regime.

1. Working out indoors/gym

The easiest way to avoid the tundra of the outdoors is to simply stay in. That, however, doesn’t mean you cannot keep fit too. Working out in your home is easier than it sounds. You can utilise your stairs, floor space, or even with the purchase of some basic home gym equipment, your door frames. An exercise DVD, or YouTube tutorials can inspire you with workout regimes designed to suit the home environment. Alternatively, your local gym will be warm enough for you to workout in comfort, no matter the weather outside.

2. Swimming

Swimming is a great way to work out in a warm environment. It is also a full body work out, so once you’re done you’re done. At that point you can just float around, relaxing in the water. Or even unwind and recuperate in the sauna/steam room. The one downside though is that when you’re finished and leave, the outside will feel even colder than it did when you went in. Many pools also offer aquatic exercise classes that ensure that you get the most out of your time in the water.

3. Try winter sports

During the winter season, in many towns up and down the country, it’s very easy to spot ice rinks adorning town centres, parks and shopping centres. Not only are these slippery circuits great fun for all the family, they can also provide a real workout. This is a great social exercise, and whilst you’re having fun together, you’ll be amazed how many calories you’re actually burning.

4. Prepare for the weather

Exercising outside is not a complete no-go in winter, though there are some precautions to take. No one wants to go jogging in mittens and a knee length parka. Thermals and fleecy exercise gear are a must. Despite the cold weather, hydration is as important as ever too. There are other safety precautions to take when exercising outside over the course of winter. For instance, with the daylight hours drawing to a close earlier, quality reflective clothing and equipment is essential. It is also wise to remain aware that the ground is likely to be hardened by the cold, and could be slippery with frost and ice.

Winter, then, really isn’t the end of your fitness regime. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy and indulge in the festive pleasures. Perhaps, given all the exercise you’ve been doing, you can even enjoy these treats that bit more.

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