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4 Simple ways to help you shift the Christmas weight gain

January can be quite a solemn time. Christmas is well and truly over, we’re dusting off New Years and realising that the only thing over the festive period that has lost weight is our bank accounts. One good thing that this time of year does bring is a ‘new year, new you’ mindset; which encourages us to draw up a list to help get us reach this ‘new you’ status, and the usual culprit at the top of the list? To get fitter, of course!

Most people don’t see any point in dieting during that odd period between Christmas and New Year’s. With everything changing come January 1st. If you need help getting back on the fitness ladder after a glutenous (yet, delicious) festive break – we’re here to help you keep your fitness vow, as we’ve compiled a list of 4 simple ways to help you shift that Christmas weight.

1. Optimism

Granted, not particularly the easiest of things to do in a month typically labelled as dull, overcast and gloomy. But be optimistic you must, as over-eating and a low self-esteem go hand in hand. By simply taking small steps to have a more positive outlook on life, and most importantly yourself, you’ll be less inclined to over-eat and more inclined to start eating healthier too. Everybody slips up from time to time, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you do, and little by little you’ll improve your confidence.

2. Exercise

Sure, exercise is the most obvious way to shift that Christmas weight so, naturally, it deserves a place on this list. If, however, you know deep down that the one and only time you’ll go to the gym is when you sign up – then don’t do it. There are plenty of other ways to exercise. As it’s the month of trying new things, why not venture out there and start rock climbing, running or even rowing – find a sporting partner with Sportsfixer. Whatever takes your fancy. You may end up loving something you never even considered before – and all the while getting fitter!

What’s more, you can exercise wherever; at the gym, at home or even outside. So, mix it up and keep it interesting. You’ll find that the more you exercise the more optimistic you become, and the more optimistic you are the more exercise gets done.

3. Meditate

Peace of mind is important at any time of the year, as is our mental health. Unfortunately, stress is a common by-product of life, however, it can only hinder your losing of weight. A lot of people can become victims of stress eating, not to mention the number of other detrimental effects stress can have on our health and body. By getting involved with meditation or yoga etc., you’ll be calming and relaxing your body, helping you to manage your stress.

4. Go dry for January

For most of us one thing is a given, that Christmas and indeed New Year’s are a time for your favourite tipple. Now we’re in January, it may be time to give it up if you want to lose the Christmas weight gain. You’ll be amazed at how calorific alcohol can be. By going dry for January, or at the very least dry during the work week, you’ll begin to notice yourself losing weight and saving money in no time. If giving up seems too much to handle, an even simpler step would be to swap your usual beverage with a lighter alternative.

When losing weight, it is important to do it safely. The best way is through a combination of a good, healthy eating in conjunction with regular exercise. In addition, a good, optimistic mindset with regular meditation are other routes which will also help you shift that Christmas weight. Be careful not to venture down the extreme dieting route though, as this can cause a lack of certain nutrients to your body, which more often than not causes more harm than good. While we all tend to put a bit of weight on over the festive period, don’t worry, it is also possible to shift it.

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