Cycling to work

5 Reasons why cycling is the best way to commute

With train fares rising, and commutes becoming ever more cramped, the time has come to accept that cycling is the best way to get to work. Healthier, greener, cooler, and in London especially, often quicker; the list of reasons to cycle to work is lengthy. A huge number of commuters however have never even considered this two-wheeled approach. Well, we are here to pedal some pro-bike propaganda your way and encourage you to emerge from the bus stops and tube stations and consider a new ride to work.

1. Health & fitness

This is perhaps the most obvious benefit of cycling to work, but still worth mentioning. If you ever feel guilty because by the time you get home from work you’re too tired to workout and therefore your fitness is suffering, then you probably like the idea of having a commute that means that by the time you’re home you have already had your workout. Sedentary office jobs, with at-the-desk lunches and long, stressful hours are the enemy of our physical wellbeing. Cycling to work can counter this and help restore balance. After a few weeks of cycling to and from work you’ll find yourself leaner, meaner and keener on all counts.

2. Money saving

At the start of 2018 the average train fare rose by 3.8% nationwide. Happy new year everyone! The squeeze of the rail commute is no longer confined to the overcrowded carriages themselves, but now our bank accounts. Other forms of commuting, such as buses or driving also command a hefty fee over the course of a year. Alternatively, you can save yourselves potentially hundreds of pounds each year by simply cycling to work instead. This way you can cruise along smugly feeling like you’re already making money before having even got to work. So, get on your bike and start pedalling some pounds back into your pocket.

3. Be green

Aside from the financial, the commutes by rail or motor vehicle come with another price. Carbon emissions are taking their toll on our world (did you not watch Blue Planet 2!?), and we all have to make changes to help curb this destructive trend. You can land another punch on pollution by commuting on a bicycle – the ultimate green machine.

4. Take the fun way to work

Let’s face it, riding a bike is just fun. For most of us, as soon as we are old enough to do it, riding a bike becomes one of our favourite ways of getting about. As children the thrill of speeding along, skidding through leaves and steering with our knees was exhilarating. Wouldn’t it be lovely to inject some of those youthful thrills into your working week? Commuting doesn’t have to be such a grind. By cycling to work you’re much more likely to turn up with a grin instead.

5. Keep in the right frame of mind

Traffic, delays and belligerent crowds can ensure that your day gets off to bad start. By the time you get to work, there’s a good chance you might be irritable and simply not in the right frame of mind to attack your work with gusto. Having cycled to work, you’ll arrive with a very different state of mind. You’ll likely feel proud to have arrived at work having already got some exercise in; you’ll have taken in the fresh air, and not other commuter’s hacking coughs; and you have had fun. What’s more, studies have proved that this kind of daily productive physical activity can reduce stress and anxiety, and boost your confidence. Of course though, the real good thing about bikes it that you’re guaranteed a seat.

However you get to work currently, if it isn’t by pedal power, that that is perhaps something to reconsider. Our working environment is acknowledged as being a crucial element in our wellbeing and happiness. Our commute is just as important though. It can have a massive impact on our performance at work and day as a whole. If there is something in your commute that needs fixing, don’t ignore it. You might just be amazed at how big an impact a more pleasant commute can have, and the answer might just be a bike.

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