3 Reasons why Sportsfixer should become the newest member of your team

3 Reasons why Sportsfixer should become the newest member of your team

Using Sportsfixer will allow your team/group/club to expand, take in new members and develop into a fitter, faster and stronger sporting unit. As a social platform, the app provides a forum for the group to share laughs and get to know one another outside of the dressing room, and create a bond of team spirit, the evidence of which will all be left out there on the grass. So, whether you’re a new team looking to put together your first squad, or a thriving group able to take in those with perhaps less experience and guide them on the way to living a fitter, healthier life, then Sportsfixer is the app for you.

1. Advertise your club and see your ranks swell

There is of course no ‘I’ in team, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t require plenty of individuals to breathe life into your team building ambitions, and the Sportsfixer app can help bring those willing participants straight to you. Simply download the Sportsfixer app, create a profile and put your call to arms out there on the message board in order to get your shout out under the eyes of those most likely to want to get involved. With over 100 sports registered on the app, you’re sure to be able to put the word out about whatever activity it is that you provide and stand a great chance of getting plenty of replies.

2. Interact and chat together online, and with opponents too

Team spirit and unity is what allows you, as a group, to pull each other through the tough times, bounce back from defeat, and keep on going with all you’ve got until the end. That kind of bond only comes with familiarity, friendship and the knowledge that your teammate has your back. We all have our jobs in the week, our families and other hobbies, interests and friends that keep us away from being able to spend time with our teammates the whole week through, but with the Sportsfixer app the window of communication is open 24/7 for you to work towards that ultimate togetherness even when you aren’t training or playing together at the time.

Sportsfixer also offers you the opportunity to interact with your opponents before and after your encounter, making it an excellent tool for scheduling, organising, and gloating should you coast to victory – and what could be better than that?

3. Keep track of your performances and match history

Whether you’re a stats junkie, or merely want to while away the time staring at your team’s name as it floats up above the pack on the league table, the Sportsfixer app is sure to satisfy your cravings. No matter what sport you are involved in, whether you’re a football team or fun runners, Sportsfixer allows you the capacity to log your results, times and statistics in a database that can be called upon to settle any argument, and that can also be shared with your followers of Sportsfixer to keep the up to date with how your club is doing.

Our goal at Sportsfixer is to enable and encourage people, of all ages and levels of fitness to stay active, find sports partners and become part of their local community. We believe that by using our app you will find that your club will become more visible and vocal in your local sporting community, and as a result grow and improve into a top-of-table outfit. Take the chance to take your club to the next level and reach your potential by making Sportsfixer the newest member of your team.


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