5 benefits that come with being competitive

5 benefits that come with being competitive

When we describe people as competitive, quite often it comes accompanied with negative connotations. As a result, people often prefer not to be referred to as such, namely because of the fear of judgement from other people. However, not only is competitivity completely natural, it is also an unavoidable feeling, one which can happen in any field, depending on the person and allowing yourself to feel competitive is in fact extremely healthy. There are also many associated benefits to feeling competitive and we have put together the top five.

1. Goal-Orientated

Feeling competitive encourages you to strive to excel at something, this, as a result, can make you become very goal-orientated. Scenarios like this can inspire you to learn and grow; it is best when in these situations, starting with smaller, more reachable goals you can get better one small step at a time. If you set bigger, more unreachable goals to begin with you may become demoralised if you are unable to achieve them.

2. Learn from your mistakes

Competitiveness also means that losing can have its advantages. For instance, if you can accept a loss and then go on to identify what happened – because you are eager to do better – you will be able to notice a weakness which you can then work on to improve. Ultimately, this enables you to become better in the long-run, encouraging you to learn more things and most importantly to learn from your mistakes.

3. Friendships

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people who also want to stay ahead of the crowd and do well is extremely positive - especially for your own growth as an individual. You will be around people, learning and growing, with others who have the same aspirations – and this can lead to long-lasting friendships.

4. Problem-solving

When you strive to be better, occasionally you need to think outside of the box, thinking in an innovative way, in order to get ahead. Having this competitive drive will encourage you to source out other options in order to achieve your goals. Thinking creatively and differently is an effective form of problem-solving.

5. Mental health

Lastly, embracing your competitive nature is very good for your mental health, avoiding or not accepting competitivity can have negative side-effects on your personality – leading to jealously, cynicism, self-denial and even self-hatred.

Ultimately, feeling competitive is a natural feeling and something everyone feels - and there is nothing wrong with it. Striving to be the best, in whatever field, is a good thing. As the saying goes, the journey is better than the destination, and the process of getting to wherever you want to be is more important than the goal, namely because of the benefits you learn along the way. Not only can competitivity help us become more goal-orientated, but also help with problem-solving and teaching us to learn from our mistakes; it can also help us to build friendships and, perhaps most importantly, help with our mental health.

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