5 Sports To Rediscover this Weekend

5 Sports To Rediscover this Weekend

We all have sports we’d love to get into but most of us don’t know where to start. From handball to archery, this list not only offers some tips on what is actually involved but how to find places to play and people to play with.

One great way can be to find someone who already plays the sport to go with you to your first training session or game and also help you improve. The next problem is where to find this magic mentor? Where do I find someone who will be willing to help, and won’t just think I’m annoying or wasting their time? Well, SportsFixer is the app that helps you find venues where you can play sports, find both opponents and team mates to play with, and can even help you find a specific buddy.

1. Handball

Handball is a sport that is hugely popular in Europe, but little played here in the UK. Why? To be honest, I have no idea. I mean, look at the video! It’s fast, physical, fun and is visually stunning. Check it out here.


2. Ultimate Frisbee

No, it isn’t just like when you throw a Frisbee around on the one, sunny day we get per year. It’s actually an incredibly athletic, exciting and relatively easy sport to get into. You can play indoors or outdoors and yes, you do pretty much just need a Frisbee. Check it out here.

3. Climbing

Looking down at the world from on high, after using your own physical and mental agility to scale an obstacle. Sound like a bad film script? Actually, that’s how climbing feels. Whether you climb indoors or out, though it can be dangerous and therefore it is essential to receive proper instruction before you go. SportsFixer can help with find expert trainers as well as buddies who you can learn alongside. If you’re still on the fence (I hope you climbed there!) then check out highlights from the bouldering world championships. Check it out here.

4. Archery

If the only time you’ve seen archery is in bad films, set in Ancient Rome, then you really need to try the real thing. Archery can be incredibly difficult when you start out but is richly rewarding when you begin the excel and is also very relaxing – so if some of the other sports on this list sound a little frantic for your tastes, then archery could be one for you. Check it out here.

5. Squash

While this might be one of the more well known sports on the list, it makes the cut because squash is really good for you, reasonably easy to find and find someone to play with. It’s excellent for both your cardiovascular system as well as strength and hand-eye co-ordination. So, not only is squash fun, but it might just help you live longer too. Check it out here.

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