5 steps to a healthier lifestyle

5 steps to a healthier lifestyle

Congratulations on your commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Whilst there are many routes to achieve your goal of a happier and healthier you, we’ve put together our top 5 ways to get you there.

1. Sleep

Something which we all need, yet not a lot of us probably get enough of, a good night’s sleep can have numerous positive effects on our health – including helping our concentration, memory and stress hormones. Sleep allows our body valuable time to heal, and not enough of it can affect our physical and mental health; impacting on our moods, concentration abilities and even our metabolism.

2. Exercise

Nothing quite beats the feeling you have once you have left the gym or having finished a particular sport. A crucial part of a healthier lifestyle is regular exercise and it can have many benefits, from helping with depression, to improving your cardio and even helping improve your memory functions. Albeit the amount of exercise you do can depend on your level of fitness, however, just starting off with 30-minute workouts can dramatically improve your fitness levels. In addition, having an exercise buddy can dramatically improve your commitment and help to keep you on track – quite literally!

3. Eating

Alongside exercise it is important to maintain a heathy and balanced diet. Whilst there are quite a few fad diets out there, the best route is to try and eat a combination of fresh fruit and vegetables – which are staple requirements for a healthy diet. In addition to this, including lean sources such as poultry, tofu or fish can help balance your diet; alongside this, try to avoid processed foods, or foods that are too salty, sugary or full of bad fats.

4. Reduce stress

Stress is a massive contributor to a whole range of health conditions - a great way to help control stress is through exercise, yoga or meditation. Taking some time to reflect on yourself. Every time you take time to allow your body and mind to relax you will reap the rewards - even better meditation is nearly always free! Other ways to reduce stress is by avoiding overworking or taking regular breaks and being around the people you love.

5. Drink water

Our bodies are mostly water, so it is important to stay hydrated. Drinking lots of water has many benefits, such as being a great cleanser for our organs and helping with our digestive system as well as removing any toxins in our bodies. Drinking water is also important during a workout, whether you are going to a spin class, a HIT training session or any other form of exercise – it is best to stay hydrated to help you stay energised.

Becoming healthier is not a quick or easy route and changes are not drastic nor do they happen overnight. Whilst there are many routes to a healthier lifestyle, it does not rely on a balanced diet and exercising alone. In addition to the above, a heathier lifestyle involves smiling more, being thankful, having a motivational mantra as well as learning to let go of the past.


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