Family Friendly Sports to try this weekend

Family Friendly Sports to try this weekend

The benefits of spending time with your family are very clear and common opinion even connects strong family bonds, with a child’s positive social and emotional development. There are many ways to spend valuable time with your family too, with physical activity being one of them – as it is a great way to bond, create memories, as well as teach children about the importance of friendly competition and morals. There are many sports out there that you could try as a family, and we’ve put together the top 5 family friendly sports that you should try.     

1. Yoga

Yoga is for individuals of any ability and a sport which has no age restriction - there is even such a thing as baby yoga! It is a great activity for bonding which teaches you and your family the importance of mindfulness. Yoga has also been credited to helping promote a healthy body image, as well as helping to establish inner confidence. In addition, because yoga concentrates on your breath and intentional breathing, it helps to teach you how to slow things down, helping to bring individuals to the present moment. This practice has been linked to helping people feel less stressed before deadlines and other stressful situations. A tried and tested route, going to yoga once a week, helps to reduce stress and increase strength – not to mention it’s fun.

2. Tennis

Tennis is another great sport which teaches your children great life lessons; not only in how to work hard in order to achieve a goal but also discipline, sportsmanship and how to improve your level of concentration. Regular play can also help to reduce resting heart rate, blood pressure, strength and agility; even better, age doesn’t matter with tennis, you could even play tennis with your 4-year-old. What’s more, watching other family members play can help to encourage supporting others, which in turn can help with building friendships.

3. Swimming

Swimming is a common and is, arguably, an essential skill to teach your children; a sport which is also great for your overall fitness. Children can start swimming from a really young age too, providing a complete workout which helps to strengthen their heart, lungs and respiratory system. Swimming also helps with chronic diseases as it releases endorphins, which, in turn, aids in decreasing depression and improving moods. Lastly, it encourages a healthy lifestyle and meeting new people, which can be an essential part in forming new relationships.

4. Rowing

Rowing is one of the few sports that demands the use of every muscle in the body; rowing, like swimming, provides a low-impact exercise that people of various fitness’s can do comfortably. It is a calming sport, with arguably the biggest benefit being, the importance of teamwork. Everyone, within a team, has to support each other and if one person is struggling, then this can negatively affect the rest of the team. Because of this, teamwork is indispensable, and it creates a great feeling of comradery - not only a great skill to teach your children, but a good one to learn as a family unit too.

5. Golf

Whether in the form of mini golf or 18 holes, golf is a universal slow-paced sport, meaning there is a lot of time for conversations with your family when you’re walking/driving to the next range. Don’t worry about your children getting bored hitting the ball (or, perhaps more aptly, trying to) as it can actually be quite exciting for them – teaching them many values, including patience. 

What’s great about all of these sports is that they can be played during a family day out, or become family tradition – one you can do weekly or monthly. Spending time with your family is always precious, and much-needed, and doing this whilst exercising is the icing on the cake – or in more apt words, the hole in one.

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