Hate working out? Try these fitness tips

Hate working out? Try these fitness tips

For many, exercise and the idea of a strict workout regime can seem a pretty daunting prospect. This can lead to individuals neglecting their physical health, which can have many negative consequences. Whilst we aren’t denying that exercise can be unpleasant, feel like a chore, and seem an impossible ask on top of holding down a career and raising a family, that doesn’t mean it isn’t necessary. It also shouldn’t mean, that with a slightly different approach, working out can’t be fun. It’s possible to integrate your fitness with your usual lifestyle in such a way that it becomes an uplifting outlet. We’ve put together this list of ways for you to transform your workout from a chore into a joy.

1. Entertain yourself

Ever feel like you just never get the time to enjoy that album? Or read that book/listen to that podcast? If so, why not introduce these things to your fitness regime? You may even find that you’re able to run that bit further whilst being sucked in by a riveting audiobook or captivated by a fascinating podcast. Films and TV might not be an option for that kind of outdoor exercise, but if you were to set up a treadmill or static bike in front of TV they suddenly are. Also, music carefully selected to motivate you can help you on the way to achieving better results from your exercise.

2. Start small, but stick with it

When you begin exercising and trying to improve your fitness, it’s likely that initially you’ll be disappointed with your results. Don’t be. It can also then be tempting to push yourself too far and hard, and this can lead to injuries. If you do then get injured, you’re less likely to return to your workout schedule once you’re healed too. Instead, understand your current limits and start small. Only keep going until you’re tired – waking up the next day in agony really isn’t the aim. If you do this, and crucially, stick to your regime, you’ll likely find your results improving steadily anyway.

3. Integrate exercise with your social life

Your free time may well come at a premium, and it is understandable that you might not want to sacrifice your social life for your workout. Try to integrate your exercise with your social life in order to enjoy the best of both worlds. Rather than a coffee morning, or evening at the pub, suggest instead a joint physical activity to your family/friends. This can be anything from a game of tennis, or a group run, to putting together a 5-a-side football team. You’ll also find that exercising with friends allows you to support and motivate each other, and compete if you wish. Making exercise one of your social activities will make it something you look forward to, rather than dread and avoid.

4. Set goals and reward yourself

Motivation can come in many forms, including goals to target, and rewards to claim. By making deals with yourself, and giving yourself something tangible to work for, you’ll add value to your workouts. Goals can include personal bests, or weight targets, and are a great way to track your progress. Rewards can be as simple as a well-earned cupcake, or buying an outfit that you previously wouldn’t have fitted into. These treats and targets are great for both giving you joy at the time, as well providing something to work towards.

5. Find the right regime for you

Workout regimes and exercises come in and out of fashion all the time. Don’t assume that just because something is the current craze that it is perfect for you. How you work out is down to you and your body. Stick with what you’re comfortable with and don’t be distracted by the fancy kit and poses of others. You’ll often get confronted by ‘perfect workout routines’ and ‘best exercise plans’, they might not work for you though. Do not let this put you off, and instead focus on trying to achieve your own balance between your exercise & fitness and everyday life.

We hope these tips will inspire you to start exercising in ways you enjoy, produce results and suit your lifestyle. Working out is all about feeling good, so finding a way of keeping fit that achieves this is very important. Whatever works for you is what matters, and being able to enjoy your health and fitness is vital to actually sticking with it.

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