Looking for football in a haystack: How to find great sporting venues

Looking for football in a haystack: How to find great sporting venues

Greater London covers an area the size of 220, 000 football pitches and as for the UK as a whole – well you could fit over 577 million basketball courts into it! So, it’s no surprise that it can be really difficult to find venues to play sport in the UK, even for sports that we’re obsessed with as a country, like football.

Whether you want to get back into a sport you used to play at uni, are looking to get into a new sport, or just want to know where to go – these tips should help you find a venue that suits your needs.

Ask Around

It can be really surprising how many of your friends play or participate in really unusual sports that you never knew about. I recently discovered one of my friends was an avid climber (boulderer – there is a difference, apparently) despite knowing her for years, she took me to the venue where she boulders and now I’m hooked! The lesson is this guys, if you want to know where to go – the chances are someone you know can tell you.

Google Search

To be honest, this is my least favourite method on the list and should be used as a last resort only. Trying out a new sport or going to a new venue can be intimidating enough, without having to go to one that doesn’t come personally recommended and don’t know anybody.

Sporting Social Networks

SportsFixer is a great new app that creates sporting communities, allowing people to find venues, teammates, opponents or even just buddies to go along with. Building a community on SportsFixer is an amazing way to get personalised recommendations for venues from friends, teammates (or even opponents – if you trust them!)

Once you find a venue, you can connect with the community within the venue meaning you can always find someone to play with at the drop of a hat (or a cricket ball).

What Next?

So, there are your major options. Friends (whether virtual or real) are always the best option for finding your next great venue. Not only will they give you recommendations and advice you can trust – they might even go along with you, open some doors and help you settle in!

Ask around with your friends in the pub, or in an online community like


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