7 of the best sports to help you lose weight

7 of the best sports to help you lose weight

Whether you want to lose weight or improve fitness it is important to remember a balanced and healthy diet alongside any sporting activity, this will in sure you see results and stay motivated. Enjoyment in a sport and motivation are both vital to ensuring you stick to a work out regime. Here is our guide to the sports that will burn the most calories (depending on body type/ metabolic rate and intensity per session).

 1. Swimming

The average person can burn up to 550 an hour.

Swimming is a sport that anyone can do at any point in the year (providing they have access to a gym/ local pool). It is a sport that can be additional to a high intensity work out, for example, it’s great to do a few laps in the pool after a gym session to cool down the muscles.

You can go swimming alone and not feel self-conscious, equally you can go with several other people and still burn calories. There are many varieties of stroke to choose from and if you get bored you can mix it up by trying another style; butterfly, Front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke.

There are also multiple health benefits from participating in the sport; helps with Asthma, joint pain, reducing blood pressure, improving cholesterol.

2. Gymnastics

The average person can burn up to 300 calories an hour.

Gymnastics is not just for women, men can benefit from this sport in many key areas and improve; balance, strength, flexibility, muscle definition and control. Practicing this sport creates definition throughout the muscles all over the body and helps to improve all over/ general fitness. This is a difficult sport to master but well worth the effort.

3. Cycling

The average person can burn up to 500 calories an hour.

Cycling is an extremely convenient sport and hobby to have to keep you fit, it can connect you to the outside environment and improve your all over fitness. You can ride alone or in a group, enjoy different types of cycling for different levels of rider, whether you like roadside cycling or off road cycling it is an enjoyable experience for anyone at any age. If you get the chance to cycle to work, you can do your daily workout and commute in one, saving you precious time with your family and money.

4. Surfing

The average person can burn up to 350 calories an hour.

Surfing is mostly enjoyed in the summer months but for a professional they will only be swayed by the weather if it became dangerous. This is another great sport for all over fitness, endurance and can be done alone or in groups.

5. Squash

The average person can burn up to 650 calories burnt an hour.

Squash is an indoor group ball sport (two or four players) played in a court. This one is the highest for burning calories as it is so fast paced and requires strength, flexibility, hand eye coordination and agility.

6. Football

The average person can burn up to 320 calories an hour.

This is one of the most commonly known sports and also the world’s most popular game. This very social sport is usually played with two teams of eleven players (can still be enjoyed in smaller numbers).  Football requires stamina and flexibility as a standard game goes on for 90 minutes. The sport can be played both outdoors and indoors but does require a large space.

7. Skiing

The average person can burn between 500 / 600 calories an hour.

Skiing is another very fast paced sport and can burn hundreds of calories in no time at all. This sport is a combination of endurance, full body strength, technique and confidence.

Other areas include; speed skiing, snowboarding, ski jumping, freestyle and off peast skiing.


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