Seven simple ways to boost energy

Seven simple ways to boost energy

Energy is something we all need in order to function, get through the day and motivate us to go to the gym or participate in sport. For some people, it can feel that we never have enough of it, but don’t fret, you’d be surprised at how many simple ways there are to boost your energy.

Power Nap

Yes, it's almost a dream come true (pun intended) but it’s also fact. When our minds are overloaded with information, and our brains have been pushed too hard, this can be physically draining – which is why after a long day in the office you may feel exhausted, even though you haven’t been on your feet all day! However, a quick 30-60-minute power nap reverses, the almost mind-numbing effect of, information overload and is even good for helping with decision-making skills. Granted, perhaps not the best, or easiest, thing to incorporate into a working day but exceptionally handy when you’re studying, as power naps can actually increase your brain’s function and help you to retain information easier.


We all get hungry and between meals snacking is the obvious solution to this. However, depending on the food you choose to snack on, the boost may not last very long, which will leave you feeling hungry again with not much energy gained and, worse still, you’ll be gaining weight in the process. Choose foods such as fresh fruit, bananas or apples, or popcorn which is full of fiber and will not only make you feel full but you can also indulge in a whole bag, guilt-free! Another super energising snack is vegetables and hummus, which is an excellent source of protein, fiber and packed with nutrients – not to mention delicious! Whilst there are plenty of healthy and energising snacks to choose from, incorporating them into your diet helps boost your energy between meals.

Take a walk

Walking is a great way to give you a quick boost when you’re tired. Which may sound a little like a contradiction, however, studies have shown that even a short 10-minute walk can increase your energy for up to 2 hours. If you can turn this into a regular routine your overall energy levels will be boosted and you may even find a little stride in your step as your mood improves too.

Drink more water

Did you know that fatigue can actually be a sign of dehydration? Being slightly dehydrated can leave you both tired and lethargic. So, make sure you drink lots of water, especially after exercise, as it provides your body with the much-needed fluids after a workout. Water accounts for a large portion of our body weight and every single organ requires it to function properly – so a sluggish, fatigued feeling could be solely down to needing more water.

Drink caffeine

Coffee, is one of the easiest ways to boost your energy, as it contains caffeine, an energy booster by nature. However, if you opt for a latte, all that extra milk makes turns your drink into a mini protein treat, which is great since extra calcium is good for your bones! A nice way to make your caffeine intake a bit healthier, and with all the perks of that coffee goodness.

Reduce stress, damn anxiety

Too much stress and anxiety can also be physically, not to mention mentally, draining. Anxiety and stress go hand in hand, as the build-up of anxiety (which can be triggered by fear or worry) can contribute to your stress levels – which in the end means that you’ll find tasks much more draining. Relaxation is often the solution, as it relieves tension making you feel better; exercise can be a great way to distract your mind from things that are bothering you - getting healthy and gaining energy.

Top up magnesium levels

Despite a balanced diet, some people still find themselves lacking in energy, and this could be due to a lack of magnesium. This doesn’t mean you have to start taking different types of medicines in order to get your regular intake, as you’ll find that there are simpler and tastier ways to getting that precious energy - adding nuts (like almonds or cashews) into your diet, or getting whole grains from foods such as bran cereal, or even consuming fish, like halibut. By simply incorporating and indulging in foods like these you’ll soon be reaping the benefits.

There are many simple ways to give yourself extra, quite often, crucial boost of energy, and you’ll find that these simple changes to your life are seven simple ways to boosting your energy.

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