The health benefits of a low fat, low sugar diet

The health benefits of a low fat, low sugar diet

Every one of us at some point in our lives has thought about either losing weight, getting fit or just becoming healthier. Our diet and general health are common concerns and for some this is only increased when certain health conditions – such as diabetes – come into play.

A good approach to a healthier lifestyle is a low fat and low sugar routine, not only can it be a helpful contributor to losing weight and getting fitter but also aid certain health conditions too. It should be noted, however, that the best method for a healthy lifestyle does not rest with what you eat alone but with a regular exercise routine as well.



The list of benefits for opting for a low-fat diet are extensive, including: an improved calorie intake and cholesterol level. It is important to point out, when talking about fats, that there are some good ones out there and we should not cut fats out completely - as some are essential to our diet!

The important distinction is with saturated fats, this is the type of fat which you should be cutting down on. This is in contrast to the healthier fats such as monounsaturated, found in foods such as avocados, nuts, seeds and polyunsaturated which can be found in foods such as fish. Healthy fats provide lots of health benefits and should be part of a balanced diet. Foods that are ultimately low in saturated fats are the healthy options, as well as foods containing the above mentioned good fats.

There are many health benefits to reducing saturated fats in addition to losing weight, for instance too much saturated fat can increase your risk of heart disease and bad cholesterol levels in your body, so by reducing it you can help lessen the risk. In order to follow a low-fat diet, it is a good idea to make a shopping list for your weekly shop as well as to plan most of your meals around the following low-fat foods:

-          Whole grain foods – such as oats

-          Lean meats – such as turkey or skinless chicken

-          White fish

-          Vegetables

-          Lentils and pulses

-          Fruit

Low sugar

A low sugar diet is slightly harder to achieve as we apparently consume around 700g of the stuff a week! Sugar takes many disguises too, making it trickier to achieve a low sugar diet. A good place to start would be shopping for certain vegetables and whole grain foods which are both low in sugar. Lean meats and fish are other options which are also low in sugar and as a result are both good options for this particular diet.  

A low sugar diet is an ideal option for those with diabetes, heart disease and other serious medical conditions, so it is safe to assume that there are a number health benefits connected to it. A low sugar diet can help with weight loss/maintaining a healthy weight, clearer skin and an increase in energy. In addition, another benefit includes fewer cavities (there is a well-known trend between lots of sugar and bad teeth, too much sugar can wear away the tooth enamel).

A low fat and low sugar diet has lots of health benefits associated with it, namely it is a healthy route to losing weight and a diet which is timelessly recommended to also aid certain health conditions. Whatever your reasons for opting for this kind of diet you will need to make conscious decisions every day in order to achieve the best body you’ve ever had.

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