Top 3 Mental Benefits of Exercise

Top 3 Mental Benefits of Exercise

We’re all aware of the physical benefits of exercising; working out regularly can improve overall fitness, physique and even add years to our life. Yet, regular activity can also have a positive effect on mental health. Sure, we’ve all heard of the saying good for the mind, body and soul – but exercise is exactly that. What’s more, you’d be surprised at how much your mind is positively affected by regular exercise, as it helps to improve your mood, concentration and even your self-confidence, which among other things, leads to a happier and healthier life.   

1. Reduce Stress

Physical activity is a natural mood enhancer and a great way to distract your brain from daily stressors. As a result of working out, you’ll produce endorphins which will help to relieve you from being bogged down by negative thoughts and leave you feeling more relaxed and optimistic. The impact of stress is lessened when you know that there is a means to taking your mind off it and a way to clear your head. This can help teach you how to handle stressful life challenges and how to approach your problems. Whilst exercising won’t eliminate your stress, it can go a long way in reducing some of the intensity you’re feeling and helping you to deal with certain stresses more calmly.

2. Sharper Brain

Exercise also helps to improve our levels of concentration, and this is due to all the brain activity created during a workout. A work out helps to stimulate our brain cells, which is one of the reasons why during exercise, or as soon as you’ve finished, you feel invigorated with more energy - this feeling is the result of our brain releasing endorphins. This brain powered chemical is the reason you feel mentally sharper too, as it promotes growth of new brain cells, which helps against any age-related mental health condition. The more active our brains are the healthier you’ll be as a whole in the long run - our bodies and minds are quite closely linked, as when our body feels better, so too will our minds.

3. Self Confidence

A lack of self-confidence is quite common nowadays, with quite a few individuals being unhappy with their appearance. However, regular exercise can help aid this negative outlook. More often than not we lack confidence, exercise though, is a great way to improve this. This positivity is further helped when you start to notice a difference, which can then contribute to a more positive outlook and subsequently our self-confidence - as there is a strong correlation between how we feel and how we look.

Exercise doesn’t just reduce our stress levels, improve our brain activity and our self-confidence, it also has many other related benefits such as alleviating anxiety, improve our memory functions as well as helping with relaxation. We all know of the physical benefits that exercise can have, but the mental benefits are also numerous and crucial to that overall happy and healthy life.

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